The landscape of Instagram is constantly changing. From optimizing hashtags to taking the perfect picture, it’s often difficult to strike a balance between underwhelming your followers and overposting. Making it very challenging to keep fans consistently engaged. If you’re looking to improve your Instagram engagement, then don’t worry; here in this article I’ll show you 3 ways to keep your business profile at peak performance.


  1. Use the Power of the Hashtag

While some social sites, such as Google+ and Facebook, are hashtag-enabled, they don’t have the same weight that hashtagging on Instagram does. An amazing feature, by using Instagram hashtags, you can easily increase your Instagram engagement rate.

Hashtags can help you to:

— Gain more followers

— Achieve brand recognition

— Gain more likes

— Reach a broader audience

The real question here is how can you find hashtags that’ll improve your Instagram engagement rate?

Lots and lots of research.

Take a look at what your competitors, audience, and even Instagram influencers are posting, and find which hashtags are most popular in your niche.

Let’s say, for example, you were selling shoes – your first task would be to use Instagram’s explore function and check out #shoes.

You can then go through the recent top posts and find out which hashtags are used to generate high engagement posts.

Of course, many businesses out there have their own branded hashtags, like GymShark.

If any of your competitors uses branded hashtags, then you can utilize them to get a better idea of what types of Instagram content they’re most interested in.

There are also tools available that you can use to find popular Instagram hashtags like TagBlender, Seekmetrics, and InstagramTags.

And remember, while you can use up to thirty hashtags/Instagram post, you don’t have to use that many – simply adding 8 to 13 popular hashtags is usually more than enough.

Choose your hashtags carefully, and they can bring a whole new wave of users to your Instagram content.

2. Stay Engaged

It’s important to stay responsive to comments, even if your Instagram Business Profile is getting flooded with them. The people who comment the most on your Instagram content are the “power users” of your audience. They will be the ones most likely to post organically about your product, repost your content and engage with you regularly on social media.

3. Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

More than 400 million people use Instagram Stories daily according to FameMass, so if you’re looking to boost your Instagram engagement than they’re a must-have.

Why? Well, Instagram Stories can be used to provide more personable, spontaneous content, retain the attention of your existing followers, and even direct your following to other Instagram posts or even your own store.

It’s also important to remember that users who engage a lot with certain accounts are much more likely to see their content again, thanks to the Instagram algorithm.

All in all, Instagram Stories are an amazing feature that you can utilize to maintain a high engagement rate on the platform.

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