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Our expert search engine optimisation (SEO) service focuses on providing increased web presence, which in turn generates traffic in to the websites of the clients we work with.

To take advantage of the free traffic that ranking high in the search engine results provides, an efficient SEO strategy is vital. All our SEO work is carefully planned and executed and results are analysed to ensure we always give value for money and our service consistently delivers as we intend.

An Outstanding User Experience

While good SEO requires keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing Google algorithm and other factors that determine where Google ranks a website, it is also crucial to make sure the page where you want your visitors to land delivers exactly what the searcher is asking for when she types a search term into Google.

We also have to take into account the device the visitor is using, along with their geographical location, as effective search engine optimisation is all about giving a quality user experience. As an Internet user yourself, you will know there are many factors that determine whether your experience is positive or negative when you pick a site from the list provided by Google’s search results.

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SEO Isn’t Voodoo and It Isn’t Rocket Science

There is a worrying trend in the SEO sector these days, as many individuals and agencies offering SEO services imply they have insider information concerning the workings of Google that only a privileged few have discovered. Believe us when we say they do not.

Good SEO is basically common sense. When Google sees people are engaging and talking about a certain website, it considers that site is important, and should be seen by more people. Visitors need to interact with your website in way Google sees as positive; this means they spend a certain amount of time on your site and possibly take other actions, such as filling in a form or sharing your content. These actions indicate to the Google bot that your site deserves a higher rank than the websites that do not get any user engagement.

Likewise, when Google sees that your business listed in many quality directories and other related places to your services, your site will be considered that bit more significant than your competitors who are not listed in such places.

In short, your site needs to be relevant, engaging, easy to navigate and of high quality.

Know Your Customer’s Needs

At The SEO Consultant London we are proud to offer a service that focuses on understanding your customers and researching your competitor’s strategies. This allows us to have a sound comprehension of your market and how to meet visitor’s demands, which in turn will help you meet your business goals.

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